Guided tours Wednesdays 7 pm
and Saturdays 2 pm until March 31. No guided tours during exhibition change.

A guided tour to the exhibition. The tour is included in the ticket price and lasts around 30 minutes.

Artist meeting with Harrie Liveart

17.4. at 4 pm

Chappe is closed for change of exhibitions, but still celebrates its 1st birthday with an artist meeting with Harrie Liveart, i.e. the artist duo Meri Linna and Saija Kassinen.

Harrie Liveart is the creator of one of Chappe’s most popular works of art, namely the museum’s toilet seats. The toilets form the art piece Memento, which is one of three permanent works of art that are part of the museum’s architecture. The toilet seats are produced locally in Ekenäs at the Ido factory and are hand-engraved by the artists.

During the artist meeting, the audience will hear about Harrie Liveart’s art, Meri Linna’s and Saija Kassinen’s working methods, how the artworks were created, experience the toilets and hear about the secret cache buried under the foundations of Chappe.

Since Chappe is closed, we would like participants to sign up for the event to producer Cecilia Gustafsson (cecilia.gustafsson(at)raseborg.fi). The number of participants is limited.